Little Dirty Dish


About Little Dirty Dish

Jewellery should be more than the cold metal pieces we put on our body.

At Little Dirty Dish, minimalism is fused with feminine delicacy with a trace of futurism. Our contemporary jewellery collections are one-of-a-kind, all designed and handmade in Sydney. We are always on the way to explore fabrications with novelty and looking for unique pairings of materials - metals, minerals, clay, plastic, woods, used textiles and more.

Magic happens when your jewellery was designed by an engineer who wants to make friends with aliens also loves pink.


Here is the story...

My entire childhood was spent on drawing, painting, creating quirky things.

Everything started in 2011. I was a busy Undergrad student, constantly looking for a breakthrough in my stressful life. But I guess pressure does not kill inspirations. And it just came, you know, one of the light-bulb moments - I want a bunch of faux collars in necklace form. My first jewellery "collection" was born. Then I decided to open an Etsy store called Little Dirty Dish and started selling these collar necklaces. BOOM, just like that, we got featured in local magazine as well as fashion bloggers and curators from all over the world.

Years passed, surely there have been some ups and downs, but luckily, all my efforts brought you here. Please discover how this story of Little Dirty Dish continues in here...

- Faye


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